Website renewal

Website has been renewed.


Published on DAIKO WORKS

New Headquarters for Ikeda Construction Co., Ltd. has been published on DAIKO website.


New headquarters for Ikeda Construction Co., Ltd.

The new headquarters for Ikeda Construction Co., Ltd. has been completed in Yamaguchi prefecture. The project involves the construction of new head office (incl. commercial space) and 3 model houses on an approximately 4,000 sqm site.
Bespoke architects has provided the master planning, architectural schematic design and supervision services.


Media coverage

TECH EXPERT Namba Skyo has been published on the following web media.

・Archello (The Netherlands)

・Educational Snapshots (The United States)



Thank you for all the opportunities and supports to us in 2020. We will have winter holidays from Dec 29 – Jan 6.
Please email to if you have inquiries during this period. We will reply after Jan 7.
We look forward to new challenges and collaborations in 2021.



Our firm has been incorporated as Bespoke architects Inc.
New organization has been re-licensed as a first-class architect office on October 10 and is succeeding all the continuing projects. There are no changes for company address or phone number.


Ongoing projects

Multiple projects outside Tokyo are currently underway. On construction site in Yamaguchi-city, structural framework of main building is almost completed. Bespoke architects has been involved as design architect for schematic design and design supervision.


Summer holidays

We will have summer holidays from Aug. 8 – 16.

For new inquiries, please send message via CONTACT or email to

We will reply after Aug. 17.


div satellite office

New satellite office for div inc. has been completed in Shibuya, Tokyo.
Bespoke architects has provided interior design and project management services.


Remote working

Due to the spread of COVID-19 and emergency declared for Tokyo by Japanese authorities, we are temporarily closing our office and working from home from April 8 – May 6. Please contact with us via mobile/e-mail during the period. For new inquiries, please send message via CONTACT.
* (Addendum on May 5) The term has been extended until May 31.